Terraforming the Arab Spring

Value migration is the shifting of value-creating forces. Value often migrates from outmoded business models, or outmoded governing stratagems to business and management designs that are better able to satisfy customers’ or the plebiscites needs and priorities. There are direct correlating factors to the practice of deploying value migrations in the commercial space to socioeconomic and geopolitical environs that have recently been at play in the blossoming of a new era in the Middle East. Indeed, this is the Brightside of things yet to come.

Predicting the future is a fool’s errand. It is fraught with so many complexities and an element of uncertainty that the best of us can only attempt with integrity to concentrate on potential alternatives — plausible scenarios— across the horizon, and then try to consider what might be readied if one of those alternative paradigms materializes. These are undreamed of possibilities. Scenario planning has certainly been an effective non-intrusive discipline in geopolitical terraforming for decades by sophisticated elements in the intelligence communities; helping many organizations and governments to imagine potentialities that probably otherwise would not have shown up in their field of view in real-time. Colossal and astonishing, global trends have been in effect, any number of which would be enough to disrupt a nations former and present way of life. They have converged to precipitate extraordinary large-scale transitional events across the Arab world, fracturing every cherished aspect of the human condition. Some change-agents of which, can be considered as non-violent and non-intrusive catalysts for sociological imagination en-masse and an ultimate amendment in normality’s or the existing state of affairs.

One might carefully take note of the fine print on the back of the social terraforming MENA playbook such as, “No Shock’n Awe was deployed by marauders in the making of this new order”…or rather, “Little collateral damage occurred during the forging of your new interim government”. There couldn’t be a more apt time to evidence that positive change is possible for the needs of the many, using more cost-effective measures than the conventional methods of risking the lives of armies, navy’s and air forces. Although a necessary element over the last few millennia, in some instances force can be the harbinger of much-needed positive change, like a lotus that blooms from the mud.

Freedom, independence and liberty refer to an absence of undue restrictions and an opportunity to exercise one’s rights and powers. During the 20th Century, these seemingly basic earthbound states of being, many millions of people did not actually experience in their true forms, due to the leadership modus operandi of the governments in which they unwittingly lived under. Clearly, one by one, these imperfect structures failed miserably. They will continue to do so, as long as they fail to address the very basic real needs of their plebiscites.

Contrary to the halls of Washington’s beltway status-quo viewpoint, President Reagan personally did not believe the charade perpetrated by the Soviet Union’s Politburo of being an economic and military powerhouse. He felt strongly that they were a house of cards, weakened by their fledgling oil infrastructure used for over spending on military excess and protecting a nation of its starving citizens. And so it was, their Bolshevik Revolution and subsequent eighty-year Marxist experiment was toppled internally within days. President Reagan was right…

Indeed, the state of being free or at personal liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint by the very governments they entrust with their lives, is now more than ever a readily available state of existence. This is as it was intended to be for everyone, at least in his or her minds. In reality, trust in the ruling classes to govern life with compassion and benevolence had waned and spoiled like a bad apple on an un-nurtured tree.

These are the basic natural living elements needed, or lack thereof, for the western intelligence communities to use as champions or honor flags to subversively strike from within, specifically in a stealthy attempt to overthrow or cause the transformation of an established or legally constituted government.

Freedom, independence and liberty are the basic undiscovered paradiso’s that those in their twenties begin to question as to their scarcity. Across the MENA splintered ancient country space, from Iran, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Tunisia and perhaps soon more, the average demographics are 23 years old. The young, many in universities yearning to expand their minds, naturally blossoms to expand their states of being to commence their life’s journeys. Raw and ready to experience new ideas, made it almost effortless, yet certainly less intrusive to suggest change internally in each of their respective paradigms. For example in Iran, in 2004 the intelligence community quietly introduced the ever pervasive satellite dish to those that could afford them on the black markets, offering up rich media of free thought from the west, visually spectacular invitations for everyone to eventually question why even the simple things of life were not theirs. The local security forces responded in typical tyrannical fashion. After only a few years of socio-terraforming trials, understandably the reality of risking actual deployments was apparent.

In order for the Coalition Forces to safely initiate reductions in troop strength, regional social reformatting was apparent. With surgical precision, it began on Saturday, December 18, 2010. First, it germinated in Tunisia, then Egypt and so on. Students and the young alike openly exercised their untried versions of freedom of expression. Surely, intel analysts were tenuous at the outset as to whether the internal seeds of new hope might grow, yet they did begin to actually work and take on shapes of their own. Interestingly, many of the protests had similar techniques of civil unrest in sustained campaigns. There were strikes, demonstrations and rallies. Moreover, for the very first time, American social media enterprise took on an important role, being available for young dissident techies to utilize as their party-planners communicating their causes and openly inciting change. Global conventional media also played an effective reactionary role with its own special skew tailored to each country. Nation-states again responded with their flavor-of-the-month repression, censorship and mobile network difficulties. Nevertheless, they – the young and determined marched onward. Their lives would never be the same again…They took the empty-handed leap into the void, that in and of itself was a true test of faith.

One might carefully take notice of the countries having very close and healthy relations with the world economies in both military and geo-economic concerns, that have staved off their own haughty versions of social discourse for now. Prosperous benefits abound. Stimulating and maintaining balanced healthy regional economic continuity is imperative. It helps to foster happiness and personal nobility from within.

It seems as a collective, we have perhaps become somewhat more sophisticated, elegant in our methods for social change, quietly stalking our targets weaponless.  It is impossible and unnatural to even consider extrapolating hope from the human psyche…the hope of a Brightside is in our DNA.

Peace through peaceful means is attainable.

~Christopher Harriman

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